Crazy Cousinz


What is Crazy Cousinz? Crazy Bears NFT: 

Crazy Cousinz has made some crazy nfts of quirky little bears that seem delighted to blocking it on the blockchain, running around causing havoc but also giving back to the community that has adopted their crazy tiny lifestyle. 

They are going to launch their crazy NFT project on 20th September 2021  

Stay connected to get to know more about that. 

For the launch there will be around 10000 NFT pieces of art to be minted. 

The cost of minting one NFT is 0.04 ETH and the maximum minting that can be done is 10 total NFT pieces per account. 

The Future Roadmap of Crazy Cousinz 

Part 1 of the Roadmap: 

* Discord channel initiated by the Crazy Cousinz community members only 

* They have Initiated their community wallet  

* They will save around 2.5 ETH in their newly made communal wallet 

 Part 2:  

* They will Airdrop, and The winner receives 2.5 ETH for a design created by the community. Details may be found on the members-only Discord server. 

* They will save 2.5 ETH in their communal wallet 

*They will do an NFT airdrop of the winning NFT 

 Part 3: 

They will give 5 ETH gifts to the community that will be made available to the members of Discord Channel only 

* They will save 5 ETH in their communal wallet 

 Part 4 

* They will crate a Merch, design ideas suggested from the community will be   welcomed, information will be provided through the Discord 

* They will save 10 ETH in their communal wallet 

* Merch will be available online. 

Part 5 

 In the end, The crazy Cousinz community will decide what to do with the community wallet fund. 

COmmunity Links: 

Website link: 

Twitter link: 

Discord link:
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