How NFTs are revolutionizing online gaming?

Direwolf partners with Untamed Isles to take NFTs gaming to the next level!

The Advantages of Gaming NFTs:

Although many NFTs employ Ethereum’s ERC-721 token standard, NFTs may
also be found on TRON (Blockchain Cuties), EOS (EOS Knights), and NEO
(Blocklords). Among the several advantages of decentralized gaming are:


Traditional in-game purchases are one-time, non-transferable investments that
are locked in a single gaming world. Using NFTs in gaming environments, on
the other hand, gives players ownership of their in-game assets rather than
game developers. Gamers can use blockchain technology to save in-game
purchases, sell them to other players, or transfer them to other supported

Provable scarcity:

Collectors value rarity and authenticity, and the scarcity of in-game NFT
purchases is provable thanks to the immutable records embedded in the
underlying blockchain network of an NFT. This distributed public ledger
validates each NFT’s number and uniqueness, as well as its into history.


Traditional internet games rely on centralized servers for interoperability. As a
result, in-game elements are contained within closed systems that do not
communicate with one another. Decentralized games, on the other hand, are
built on separate blockchains that serve as the backbone foundation for other
linked games. As a consequence, game assets represented by NFTs may be
created to work in a variety of settings. Two games created on the Ethereum
network, for example, might potentially share in-game assets such as cars,
armor, or even complete characters.


Users often lose all of their in-game purchases when a traditional online game
closes down. NFTs, on the other hand, exists outside of any single gaming
platform and are stored on the blockchain. As a result, independent of what
happens to the game, in-game purchases may be purchased and sold, and
new games can be created to work with an existing blockchain system.
Furthermore, because each NFT produces a permanent record upon an issue,
blockchain-enabled game assets cannot be copied or tampered with.

Why is Direwolf’s partnership with Untamed
Isles a big thing in the gaming world?

A gamer’s life necessitates a consistent degree of commitment and effort.
Every day, more and more video games are produced, many of which will only
be popular for a short time. From the standpoint of the gamer, this means that
they may be hesitant to put up the effort since the game may not be rewarding
in the long term. This trend has been observed in the life cycles of many
gaming games, when creators make promises about rewarding players that
are never followed, causing gamers to lose out on the hard effort they put in to
attain their goals. Have you ever been hesitant to invest in a game? Have you
ever resisted playing a game because you felt it was TOO reliant on meager
in-game rewards? Your suggestions have been taken into consideration.
Direwolf is excited to announce the launch of our very own DIREPLAY TOKEN
MARKETPLACE (DPT), which will revolutionize NFT Gaming in a way that no
other platform has.

Tokens that are not fungible are known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In
layman’s terms, an NFT is something that has a one-of-a-kind virtual signature.
Consider NFTs to be similar to fingerprints: just as each person has a unique
fingerprint, NFTs have signatures that identify them from other
NFTs.Effectively, this means that once an NFT is created, it cannot be
duplicated, stolen, or plagiarised. This ensures that the value of any virtual
item is preserved after it is transformed to an NFT. The DISPLAY Token is a
BRAND NEW cryptocurrency that will be traded on the display Marketplace!
The Direwolfpack’s BIGGEST step toward making the goal of a gaming NFT
marketplace reality is the DirePlay Marketplace! A total of 300,000,000 DPTs
will be produced, with the majority of them available through direct staking of
Direwolf Tokens or participation in our VERY REWARDING community
giveaways. The brilliantly crafted world of Untamed Isles is the first game to
allow players to EARN IN DISPLAY TOKENS for in-game work, and
displayintodisplay Marketplace is poised to take over gaming one title at a
The two companies’ agreement signals the start of a seamless gaming
marketplace that allows you to PLAY TO EARN. The days of second-guessing
whether or not to devote your time to a game are over; Untamed Isles is the
first game to use DirePlay Tokens as in-game currency, allowing all in-game
products to be sold for REAL MONEY. Isn’t this too wonderful to be true? Let
us demonstrate how this will function EXACTLY.

  1. You receive a gift. Townships strewn around the Untamed Isles can
    help you transform it into an NFT.
  2. You sell your item for DirePlay Tokens on the DirePlay Marketplace.
  3. The DirePlay Marketplace’s purpose-created NFT ownership tracking
    system, Scroll, ensures that all transactions on the DirePlay
    Marketplace are safe and secure, ensuring a smooth NFT gaming
    Untamed Isles is different from other MMO RPGs in that it rewards in-game
    work with minor in-game incentives. Untamed Isles takes things a step further
    by fully integrating with the DirePlay Marketplace, which allows you to freely
    trade items for real money. Items in Untamed Isles can be sold to EARN, so
    your time invested in one game is no longer just that. Within and outside of the
    MMO RPG, Untamed Isles brings together entire communities.
    What does Direwolf’s DPT stand for? The goal of creating a new game token
    was to allow for autonomous growth from the Direwolf Token, which was
    already well-established. The Direwolf Token is the predecessor of the new
    DirePlay Token set, which will be utilized on the DirePlay Marketplace.
    Although the dynamic crypto market and the newly-developing NFT gaming
    sector are similar in terms of their reliance on blockchain transactions,
    Direwolf acknowledges that a single token would be difficult to efficiently
    progress in both places at the same time. If Direwolf Token was used in both
    markets, the crypto trading market would drive the value of the NFT gaming
    market, limiting its ability to grow independently.
    Allowing the currency to freely vary in terms of value, therefore responding
    directly to the NFT gaming market rather than being dictated by the crypto
    trading market, is the only way to allow a smooth NFT gaming marketplace to
    grow. It also has a fantastic name.
  4. Arooooooo



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Kickstarter for Untames Isles have also begun link below over $47k USD have been raised already !!!!!


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