JejuDoge How The Community Took Over The Project


What is jejudoge coin? Is it the next big coin in the crypto world ? Community take over?

History of the Jeju:

The Jeju Dog (Hangul: Hanja: ), also known as Cheju Dog, Chaeju, and JejuGae, is a South Korean dog breed that was brought back from the brink of extinction in 1986 when just three were found on the entire island of Jeju.

Since then, an active breeding program has resulted in a population of about

300. However, as of September 2010, the population of ‘pure bred’ Jeju Dogs was estimated to be around 69.

What is Jejudoge 9b9 and why is getting so much attention in the market?

9b9’s distinct feature that distinguishes it from other doge tokens is its real-world utility, applicability, and impact. They claim that their rivals are not other dogecoins, but they are competing with marketing giants such as Google, Amazon, Instagram, and others.

When a company owner joins the Jejudoge Community and uses Jejudoge 9b9 as a payment method, they become eligible for the benefits of being a member of 9b9’s exclusive club. For example, instantaneous growth of their social media profiles in terms of followers, interactions, and likes, among other things. This is worth tens of thousands of dollars in marketing expenses.

In addition, their product and service will be promoted to the Jejudoge ecosystem’s thousands of Guardians, potentially resulting in sales and money.

Results vary and cannot be guaranteed, but your goods and services will be exposed to a worldwide audience.

Who created jejudoge?

The name of the creator is unknown at the moment but it is claimed by the company that the original inventor followed the Shiba Inu project’s approach, giving Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereum’s co-founders, half of the Jejudoge token supply. The remaining half of the Jejudoge token supply was immediately added to the Uniswap Jejudoge/Eth pair, which was subsequently locked for six months.

What is Jejudoge’s mission? how is it unique to other coins?

It helps local companies and their goods get noticed on Jeju Island, South Korea, and beyond. Business owners will buy Jejudoge and accept it as payment. As a consequence, they will be featured on their new website/online mall, allowing them to reach out to the 5000+ members of Jejudoge and beyond. This will increase their sales and revenue considerably.

What is their action plan?

Their initial road map looked like this:

  1. Uniswap listing and community building
  1. Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  1. Development of an NFT Marketplace
  2. Listing on a Central Exchange like Whitebit, Kucoin, and so on They have recently decided to list on a Central Exchange also.

Who are the Jejudoge Guardians?

Jejudoge Guardians are a group of Jejudoge investors that aggressively promote and advertise companies that take Jejudoge as payment. They will update the Jejudoge internet marketplace/online mall with additional companies accepting Jejudoge, while also engaging shop owners on social media to attract new consumers and boost CEO revenue.

How to buy jejudoge?

1st step: Make an Ethereum (ETH) wallet with Metamask.

The Metamask wallet is a tool for storing all ERC20 tokens created on the Ethereum Blockchain. By generating a Metamask wallet, you’ll be able to connect it to DEX (Decentralized Exchange) markets like Uniswap, where you can buy Jejudoge 9b9 tokens and store them in your wallet. Metamask wallet is accessible for iOS and Android smartphones, as well as browser plugins.

Step 2: Fund your Metamask wallet with Ethereum (ETH).

After you’ve created a Metamask wallet, you’ll need to move ETH to it from an exchange where you purchased it, such as Coinbase or Binance, or from another wallet where you kept it. Follow step 3 once you’ve transferred ETH and the transaction has been confirmed.

Step 3: Use Metamask or Uniswap to purchase Jejudoge 9b9.

Confirmed that your Ethereum balance is displayed in your Metamask wallet. You can either swap directly from your Metamask wallet or use Uniswap to make a purchase. Your Jejudoge balance will appear in the wallet once the transaction has been confirmed.

When you’ve finished purchasing Jejudoge 9b9, you can send an email to to begin the onboarding process.

This project has been taken over by the community no more FUD no more scams or thoughts of a rugpulled.

JEJUDOGE Community Links below:

Revamped new website :

New Telegram:

Old Telegram:




Contract info :

Contract address: 0x939a7a577d93ad29b64c1595b1284ce660a479b9





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