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Kaiken Inu is proud to present their 2022 New Year’s Weekly Buy & Shill Contest! 

On New Year’s Day 2022, Kaiken inu will give out a staggering 100 billion $kaieco to one fortunate winner. 

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Kaiken Inu will choose one champion in their “Weekly Buy & Shill Contest” each week running up to New Year’s Day. Each weekly winner will be awarded $100 in $kaiECO tokens. 

In addition, every weekly winner gets one entry into the top prize offer of 100 BILLION $kaiECO tokens to help them celebrate the New Year. At the time of writing, the GRAND PRIZE is worth USD $7000. 

Wondering what Kaiken Inu is? Let’s have a brief overview: 

Kai Ken inu is a DeFi token that is controlled by the community. Three essential functions happen within every trade: burn LP acquisition and development growth. Each and every transaction benefits the project as a whole thanks to this tokenomics concept. ALL holders profit from kai ken exchanges. 

KAI Ecosystem 

This token was created with one goal in mind: to be the Kai Ecosystem’s basic token. This Kai Ecosystem is a one-of-a-kind, exciting, and heart-pounding atmosphere where users may connect with or compete against other people in a fun-filled system. Users may farm tokens, manufacture NFTs, nurture puppies, play dog games with them, or exchange them on the open marketplace. The exclusive feature of their token: 

  • Ladderized Tax Mechanism 
  • Bot blocking feature

How to Enter  

People can enter into Kaiken Inu’s 2022 New Year’s Weekly Buy & Shill Contest by following the method mentioned below: 

1. Purchase at least $100 in $kaiECO tokens via PancakeSwap to be entered into a weekly lottery for 2 points, or  

2. To enter the weekly drawing, create and post content in crypto-related groups on social networks and media websites. 

At the close of each week, the individual with the highest points receives $100 in kaiECO tokens and one entry into our $100 BILLION $kaiECO GIVEAWAY.  

Also In November 1 trillion KaiEco tokens will be burned everyday  


  • You must email the transactions id to an admin/co-owner if you enter the competition by buying $100 in value. 
  • If you enter by making and shilling, you must provide an admin/co-owner with your wallet address and the link to your post. 
  • Excluding the GRAND PRIZE, which the weekly draw winners select, no one can win repeatedly. 
  • If anybody you purchased or shilled trades even one token during the tournament, they will be disqualified. 
  • All entries should be sent to an admin or co-owner, not a moderator because the moderators are also qualified for this competition. 
  • Every week, entries must be submitted by midnight GMT4 on Wednesday. 
  • Winners will be revealed every Thursday afternoon once all confirmation and inspections have been performed.  


Every giveaway participants and entries agree that any content developed and posted publicly will be owned and licensed exclusively by Kaiken Inu. All authors of material relinquish their intellectual property and ownership rights. Kaiken Inu holds the rights to all content and permits its users to advertise its brand. Kaiken Inu reserves all other rights. This promotion may be changed or canceled at any time with little or no warning to you. 

Community Links Below: 

Dog Farm 

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Office of the First Lady at Kaiken Inu 

Kaiken Inu Official Website 


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