Pyro Inu


What is Pyro-Inu?

PYRO INU is a community-driven effort that intends to improve the value of other tokens through prudent burns and liquidity – empowering the community to burn a token and raise it from the ashes.


How is Pyro-Inu superior to other projects?

Many initiatives and tokens begin strong and acquire traction; however, the flame rapidly dies, and holders lose value and struggle to fan the flame and rekindle enthusiasm and success. This is where PYRO INU comes in; we let the community pick which token to purchase and burn, and then we set the crypto world on fire!

However, burns alone may not always be sufficient; hence, in addition to using PYRO money to acquire and burn, we will also offer liquidity to projects, enhancing the value to holders. The greater the daily volume of PYRO, the greater the number of tokens from projects we sponsor that may be acquired and burnt.

PYRO will reveal which initiatives will die and which will emerge from the ashes like the Phoenix.

We are actual individuals with a match in our hands, ready to light it and burn tokens. We are deeply committed to delivering power and value to the community. Fire not only burns, but it also cleanses and refines; this is the test of gold… We will emerge from the ashes.

How does Pyro-Inu work?

  • A 7% tax is levied on every purchasing transaction.
  • 3% will be donated to the FIRE Wallet.
  • 2% goes to the DEV Wallet
  • 3% percent Reflections to holders; thus, each holder gets more PYRO INU when torching other tokens.
  • There is a 7% tax on all transactions, both purchase and sell. (For additional details, see “How to Buy”).
  • All purchases and sales are subject to a 2,500,000,000 token transaction limit.
  • The maximum wallet size is 5,000,000,000.
  • No more than 10,000,000,000,000 PYRO INU tokens will be created, ever.
  • Utility:  Governance Token

Roadmap of Pyro-Inu:

4th Quarter 2021

  • Move and consolidate PYRO INU tokens from Arbitrum Layer 2 to Ethereum Mainnet
  • 1000 holders
  • Burn over 100,000,000,000 PYRO INU tokens
  • Listing on CoinGecko / CoinMarketCap
  • Marketing Strategy tasks including running advertisements and endorsements

1st Quarter 2022

  • 2500 holders
  • Burn over 200,000,000,000 PYRO INU tokens
  • Launch additional PYRO tokens into the ecosystem to burn other tokens
  • Continued marketing strategy

2nd Quarter 2022

  • 10,000 holders
  • Burn over 1,000,000,000,000 PYRO INU tokens
  • Start development of governance system
  • Launch additional PYRO tokens into the ecosystem to burn other tokens

3rd Quarter 2022

  • 25,000 holders
  • Burn over 2,500,000,000,000 PYRO INU tokens
  • Start development of PYRO Swap
  • Launch additional PYRO tokens into the ecosystem to burn other tokens



October 26th, 2021 @ 2:00 PM EST

How to buy PYROINU Token:

Go to:

Add below

Contract Address : 0xd74c61bb1b61db2459a40126095dec210346ef90


Token Decimal:18 

  • To add PYROINU to your wallet, click the Add Token button.



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